Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 100ml tin | Podere Tesoro

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Discover the essence of ‘Oro Verde’ – the green gold of Tuscany. Our exquisite olive oil, meticulously handpicked and cold-pressed, captures the pure essence of nature’s bounty. Elevate your culinary creations with the richness of tradition and the authenticity of ‘Oro Verde.’ Experience the true taste of Tuscany in every drop of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Podere Tesoro



Extra Virgin Olive oil | Podere Tesoro

Olive Tree Varieties: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, and Pendolino. Our olive groves are located at an ideal altitude of approximately 300 – 400 meters above sea level, with excellent sun exposure. This ensures low acidity in terms of oleic acid.

Yield: 10-12% cultivated through organic farming.

Extraction: First extraction is cold/pressed.

Acidity: Low acidity, not exceeding 0.1%

Harvesting and processing: The harvest commences in early November, with olives being handpicked and thoughtfully packed into small crates. Within 12-24 hours, they are swiftly transported to the mill for pressing. We exclusively utilize the initial cold-pressing method for our Oro Verde, ensuring the essence of the olives is preserved. The pressing occurs at a temperature not surpassing 27°C. This rigorous process yields a limited quantity of exceptionally high-quality and authentic olive oil.

Characteristics: An intense green colour upon pressing, gradually turning yellow. A delicate fresh and fruity taste.

Slightly spicy to delicately Tantalise the palate avoiding any harshness, remaining light with hints of Almond.

Pairings: Perfect when used raw as a seasoning for mediterranean dishes, it is ideal for salads, soups, Tuscan bruschetta, Florentine schiacciata and desserts. It also makes for a great healthy alternative for butter in cooking and baking!

Storage: Keep it in a cool, dry place. Away from sources of light and heat.

Available sizes and pricing:

– 100 ml tin = € 7,00 (perfect for air travel!)

– 250 ml bottle = € 12,00

– 500 ml bottle = € 18,00

– 750 ml bottle = € 25,00